Stone Tree Farm


We are redeveloping our farm to provide a wide variety of sustainable products, services and experiences for our local community. We are proud of the expansive area created for the popular U-Pick Weekends large enough for about 100 cars plus over fill areas. These areas and fields can be used for events such as weddings or Exclusive RV Campsites


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About Stone Tree Farm

Stone Tree Farm is located on Vancouver Island at an elevation of 250 ft, in what I call Central Nanoose. This area (49 degrees 17 minutes north) is named after our local First Nations who’s village site is located on the east side of Nanoose Harbour about 15 Kms north of Nanaimo. Nanoose is really more of an area rather than a town center with mostly rural characteristics  and a few areas of residential concentrations and small commercial cluster of buildings locally known as the Red Gap. 

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